Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stuff in my Car

Stuff just in the center armrest compartment! 

I have had a bad habit in the past of leaving my spare cell phone charger in my car. After I get home from work I usually try to grab it and put it in my messenger bag to be used later in the evening either in the family room or kitchen. I usually try to do this but this didn't happen the other day.

John had asked to borrow the spare charger as he misplaced his two chargers. I was amiss as to where it was. It wasn't in the house so I figured I must've left it in the car on the front seat. Or perhaps it fell between them. I did remember grabbing it on the way out of office.

Now my main turbo charger is plugged in behind my nightstand by the bed. It's just annoyingly difficult to reach if I need it so I usually keep it plugged in and use it at night. And there was no way I was giving up my turbo charger for him.

I did offer to go out to the car and look for the spare charger. I guess John could've plugged in his phone on my nightstand for a bit. My brain didn't get that far. LOL 😊

My best gal, my Camry
The charger was not in the car! UGH. I checked between the seats, under the seats, in the back seat, in the center armrest, in the glove compartment and even in the trunk. NOTHING. I was getting annoyed. But then I realized something, I had a lot of random crap, useless crap, and car-related crap in my car. So I forgot about the charger and began just looking and cataloging everything in my car. The list below is the result of that search. And like my usual frazzled life, it is in no particular order.

Now I insist that my car is not dirty, except for the chicken nugget, pretzels and carrot found below the seat. I just have a lot of stuff in it!


Sunglasses which I fit over my regular glasses while driving towards the morning sun and then I look like a complete dork
Wrap around sunglasses which I forget I have but when I wear them, I look like I'm 70.
Hand grip exerciser in the driver's side door pocket
A ball of tin foil
$1.17 in loose change found in both door pockets, in the glove compartment, in the seats and under the drivers seat.
An expired AAA card
A lotto ticket for a free ticket
Several non-winning lotto tickets
Several pens and one disassembled pen. Two of the five pens do not write.
2006 Toyota Camry guide
Extra car bulbs and an expired drivers license
A half dozen store extra value cards
An LA baseball cap in the trunk. I was mocked by my family members because they said no one buys an LA baseball cap when in LA. LOL Probably right.
An old stained and bleached Yuengling Lager beer baseball cap
An Elmer Fudd orange fur hunting cap (in case the case breaks down in the winter)
2 sets gloves
1 set light gloves black
1 set light gloves red
4 sets of emergency reflectors
First aid kit
Cough drops
Reusable grocery bags to save the Earth
3 oil funnels
One moustache-patterned cloth trash bag
1 Gautelmalan worry doll named Consuela
Portable tire inflater
Tire repair goo in a can (which I don't think works)
Various cds: Madonna, 70s disco, 70s rock, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra
Snow tracks if I get stuck in the snow
Snow shovel if I have to dig my way out
2 windshield covers
Windshield cleaner (as seen on TV)
A can of windshield ice defroster, 2 cans
Keyhole defroster (does a lot of good for me keeping it INSIDE the car)
Tissues, 2 boxes
Chinese-made buck knife
A cross for protection
A Mezzuzah for protection
A car Buddha for protection
Chewing gum, Orbitz
Fresh naps
Old maps
Food menus and a couple aren't even open anymore. For a while I was putting the menus on my friend Jack Ross's windshield to jokingly drive him crazy.
A seashell which was my Mom's
Old hotel lotion
A book of matches from the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood
A chicken nugget
Some pretzels
A baby carrot
2 pairs of scissors
20 ft of rope
Several bungee cords
Books and DVDs I have meant to donate 4 months ago
One dead flashlight
Windshield tool which will smash the windshield
1 burgundy umbrella
Old cell phone charges I won't use anymore because they don't even fit my new phone. I chucked 'em.
Blue shop towels
Regular paper towels
Emergency blanket (the spacey looking one, like you are covering yourself in a huge piece of tinfoil)
An electric portable tire inflator
A can of Fix-a-Flat Tire Inflator
Various Dunkin Donut, bank, and gas receipts
A hammer and a small screwdriver set
Two writing pads and more pens
USB adapters
One good Jabra hands free device
2 old Jabra hands free devices. I chucked 'em too.
car mats

Oh and by the way, after ALL OF THAT, my spare cell phone charger was NOT in my car. It was in the side pocket of my messenger bag the entire time.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Different Clothes, Different Times

90s Marc in my favorite club shirt (With Ritz-Carlton besties Grant and Serena)

Do others mourn the loss of a favorite piece of clothing? That favorite shirt gets bleached and we have to toss it. A favorite sweater gets an unmanageable pull and it can't be salvaged. That pair of sneaks which are so old and worn, they may walk away themselves. Or sometimes it's as simple as a favorite shirt getting washed so many times it has shrunk down to where it no longer fits. (Um meee and ma belly! LOL)

I had to "retire" a favorite shirt a couple weeks back. I did so with a bit of sadness as I have enjoyed wearing it these last couple years at work. I tend to favor blues in some form or another. It has sort of become a signature color for me. This one lasted way longer than it should have. It "served me well" you could say. The picture to the below right is it's replacement "blue shirt."

I still have a another fav blue shirt from way back in my Philly days. It's a dark blue button down from H&M clothing store and let's say it's ... WOW almost 20 years old! It is actually in pretty good shape. Some clothing designers are such classic looks that you can getaway with mixing older pieces into your current wardrobe.

The late 70s Glassboro State windbreaker!

In my Favorite Color! (9/2018)
I have a large yellow windbreaker from Glassboro State College which was my Mom's from the late 70s. It's that nylon material which is pretty indestructible, perfect for the Fall or Spring. I also have a t-shirt from my Phi Kappa Psi fraternity college days harkening back to the late 80s. Great stuff. I wore the t-shirt to a fraternity reunion this past May. Still fits, although the Dad-bod beer belly is starting to show prominently. 😊 

From my clubbing days in the 90s I have this polyester skin tight grey shirt as well as a retro flashy bright blue one. They barely fit me these days but still bring me back to great memories ... those that I actually remember from my Roaring 20s! Fun times. I laugh thinking that I actually fit into and wore that stuff out and about.

I have an authentic vintage 60s dark blue Navy pea-coat which I wore for years. I still say it's the warmest winter coast I've ever worn which doesn't make me feel like a bloated snowman! The pockets do need to be sewn. I've been meaning to sew them for a good year now. Whelp, LOL, since last season! I think I'll finally do that before it gets too cold. I love that coat.

I used to have these baggy JNCO brand skateboard jeans I used to wear circa '96 or '97. I don't know what I was thinking. I imagine I looked quite ridiculous but they were in style for the clubs for a bit.

With my great Fraternity bros in my vintage '88 Phi Psi t-shirt! (5/2018)
Then again, I rocked the Z. Cavaricci's in the late 80s too! I had 6 pairs in different olors. Now those jeans were quite the investment. I spent all my hard earned cash on them at the local men's stores Oaktree and Chess King at the Deptford Mall. I remember spending $75/pair back then which comes to $160/pair in today's money! ( WOW. No wonder my Mom would freak out when I came home with a pair. I even had a Z. Cavaricci suit I wore to a fraternity formal. Hey baby, I was in style! My sister and I also always shopped at the trendy Canadian store Le Chateau. I was obsessed over their ties. Places like that were good for trendy items but not to much for the classics. I then moved onto Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole  (when I could afford them). H&M also became the clothing store of choice for me later in my Philly days.

I will say though that some clothes are worth keeping and get better the longer you wear them. Think about that comfortable holy sweatshirt or that frayed bathrobe. Some people hold onto pairs of Chuck Taylors until the end of the earth! I like a great pair of jeans which has been worn so long the cotton gets softer and just hugs your body. Talk about comfortable.  I wish I still had a pair of those Z. Cavaricci's though just to see if I could fit in 'em.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Building Water DROPPED Into My Eye

I was walking into work one recent Monday and decided to cut across the smoking area of our government parking deck. It's a small triangular shaped overhang area, no bigger than a 10x10 kitchen. No one was smoking at the time, it was just me trying to save a step or two. I wasn't running late, just moving into work at a pretty decent clip.

I diagonally crossed through the area when at that very instant a large drop of water fell from the concrete parking deck and landed exactly between my glasses and into my right eyeball! I screamed to no one, "WHAT THE HELL?"

I quickly took off my glasses and wiped the bong water from my right eyeball as its remainder was dripping down my face. I am sure I caused a corneal abrasion from wiping my eye with my shirt sleeve.

It had rained the evening prior. This large drop had perfectly navigated air currents to drop at the exact space between my eyeglass lens and my eyeball! I was freaking out. I rushed into work blindly scrambling to turn my computer with the use of my one good eye.

I needed WebMD IMMEDIATELY. If only I could've called "Dr. Bombay, Dr. Bombay, Come in please!?" and have him pop in from having tea while on some safari like  he would do for Samantha in that 60's show Bewitched.

But no.... I had to rely on sketchy modern medical science! I was sure at this point that my eye was beginning to burn from some horrible amoebic and bacterial infection which had previously been lurking in one of the crevasses of that 50s concrete behemoth of a parking garage and NOW had taken hold of my eyeball in it's quest to leave me blind!!

I was on my way to becoming blind in one eye and would be forced to wear a patch. They'd call me Officer Patchy from now on. No more Officer Haynes! Coworkers would try and convince me it was OK with the patch. I would wear a themed patch for each holiday. I'd have a patch for Halloween, one for Christmas, and one for Easter. My life would now have me known for wearing the patch.

It seemed like an eternity for my computer to come up. I sat there for ages with my eye now burning and I think I felt a fever coming on. Once the computer was up, I immediately  began searching the web for similar stories and thankfully, I was not the only one this happened too.

There were many, many people that this happened to in other circumstances. Some people were like me, had water drip from a dirty building into their eye. Others, while playing sports usually, got splashed in the eyes with dirty puddle water. And still others had gross eye-encounters with toilet water, dirty sink water, and pond water. I was NOT ALONE!

I always feel better when I can commiserate with other people, even it means with strange internet people with user-names like Reddit user "Nacho-bizniz" or Yahoo users "Die Brucke" or "Justlikesgravy". They recommended flushing the eye with water, washing my hands, and taking eye drops. I did all of those but still was skeptical. I needed statistics!

A user on Yahoo (the aforementioned "Justlikesgravy") stated that if I were not a contact lens wearer, there was a 1 in 10 million chance of contracting an eye infection. I felt a little better with this knowledge from SUCH a trustworthy not to mention noteworthy source.

I did some further research and the consensus did seem to be that I would be OK. Just flush out the eye. The body is pretty well able to handle splashes of questionable water in one's eye without issue.

Well the infection never came and quite honestly, by lunch time, I had pretty much forgotten about it all. The drama was over until I left that day and walked towards that same parking garage overhang.

I cautiously stared up at the overhang 10 feet away. I was going to say Eff-it and charge through, walking underneath with the confidence of someone walking under a ladder. Yeah the drop won that day. I walked around the overhang to my car.

Friday, September 7, 2018

Episode #4 of Podcast Quotes

Here are the quotes associate with my 4th podcast "A Great Friend, Mom, and Career Woman", my interview with good friend Becky Kitchmire. I also included a direct link to the podcast episode.

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.  - Katharine Hepburn (actress)

I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to said my ship. - Louisa May Alcott (author, Little Woman)

I have learned over the years, that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear; knowing what must be done does away with fear. Rosa Parks (civil rights activist)

Favorite quotes from my friend and guest Becky:

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker. - Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka (actor)

Time is a precious thing. Never waste it. - Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka (actor)

Wednesday, September 5, 2018


(Photo by Simon Robben from Pexels)

This is a topic I know many of you can relate to. I know you are out there with me, in the deep dark night. We wonder together who among us, who is awake? I see you online late at night. We commiserate together, sleepless in that silent house on that dark street in that quiet town or city. We send sad and frustrated messages back and forth, "ME TOO!" 😡

I can usually figure out why I can't sleep. Last night, I worked out late but I'm usually OK with that. I can still fall asleep at a decent hour after exhausting myself at the gym. Some people recommend that you shouldn't work out so late, gives you too much energy. I've never had a problem. I sleep like a baby.

Last night was different. I stared at the ceiling for an hour. Closed my eyes for an hour. Opened them and then BAM! It was already 2:30 AM. I got up, hit the head, checked the house, petted the cats for a bit, then got back into bed to try again. I know I dozed off at some point but it was a restless sleep.

My alarm went off at 6:30 AM. Sure... I was in a deep slumber at that point! It always works out that way. You finally fall asleep and the damn alarm goes off. If I had the sick time I would've called off for the morning. Instead, I dragged myself outta bed and hit the coffee hard. And the day drags on...

So why the insomnia last night? I looked at what I drank and there was nothing out of the ordinary. I don't drink caffeine after 5 PM for this reason. I know it keeps me up. Even a soft drink has the tendency to keep me awake. If I am out having a drink at a bar, I won't mix it with a soda other than tonic or club soda due to the effects of the caffeine.

I couldn't figure it out and then it hit me, I took my new gym supplement too late! It was just after 7 pm but was enough to keep me full of energy until late in the evening. I didn't even realize it until I thought back. I hadn't taken it that late before. Again, usually I won't take it after 5, 5:30 at the latest! Chalk one up for the lesson books.

I also get insomnia due to an over active mind or bouts of anxiety. My mind races on things I have to do the next morning, the next week, the next month! I have learned to calm myself down for the most part but sometimes it just doesn't help.

I go through the motions of relaxing my body, regulating my breathing, and meditating. I learned this waaay back in school from my teacher and mentor, Elaine Arbo. I still use it this technique today. I start at the tips of my toes and tense then up as much as I can for a good 5-10 seconds. I usually can't get past 5. I then release the toe muscles. I move on to my feet, then my ankles, then my calves.

I keep going up throughout my body, tensing up each muscle and then relaxing. All the while, I breath deeply in and out. I focus my breathing, regulate it. I mentally focus on a small pinpoint of light inside my mind. All the while, tensing up and relaxing, moving up my body. Whatever is weighing heavily on my mind eventually subsides. It definitely helps me. Hopefully it can help you if your try it..

Last month I was up at 3:30 AM and just couldn't fall asleep. So what did I do? I got up. I figured as I had off the next day (weekend) I might as well be productive. I folded two baskets of laundry. I swept the hallway floor. I wrote for awhile. I washed the dishes. Got the coffee ready for the next morning. I basically tried to wear myself down. My cats Max and Moxie followed me from room to room wondering "What the Hell is going on?" I got more done in that hour and half and by 5 AM was ready for bed.

I slept until 11 AM that Saturday and that was the best morning sleep I ever had! The cats slept the entire day away. Lucky pains in the butt!

*** I did not even realize this but this is my 400th PUBLISHED BLOG POST! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Driver Criticism vs Concern

(Pic courtesy of

I want to comment on something that I see happen fairly often. I was riding as a passenger in my buddy's car this past weekend when he was inching out to zoom across a busy intersection where there is no stop light. Friends from Schuylkill County will know this intersection. It's the one with Ken's Tires and Hoss's Restaurant on the corners at the Cressona Mall. You have to pretend you are in the 80s video game "Frogger" and zoom across the busy road to the mall area. I HATE this intersection.

It's rather nerve-racking on an average day. You look right and left and repeat several times to avoid traffic driving through as well as traffic from ALL directions turning in and out of the shopping complexes on both sides of the roadway! If you get a time where there is no traffic coming from anywhere, consider yourself lucky because that is a rarity.

He had inched out, looking to make his move. Someone was driving up to make a left hand turn into the Cressona Mall complex where we were trying to cross into. Suddenly, some dip-shit zoomed around the turning car and narrowly avoided T-boning my buddy's car.

I SCREAMED "LOOK OUT!!!!!" I slammed on my imaginary passenger brake and braced for impact. The young idiot zipped around amid cursing and horn honking from my buddy.

He barked at me, "I SAW HIM!!!!"

Now to be fair, yes ... yes ... I did freak out in the manner that a Frazzled at Forty guy would. And then I thought about it. I would've reacted the same way as he did to passengers in my car.

Whenever my sister Sheryl slams on her imaginary passenger brake and yells, "Watch out!!!" I bark back at her, "I SEE THEM! I DON'T NEED YOU TELLING ME HOW TO DRIVE!"

Why is it that we take such offense to someone who is just trying to help us avoid a potential accident? We all do it. The driver goes immediately on the defensive basically accusing the passenger of not trusting their driving ability. I've been on both sides and reacted the same way.

Why is it that it is so hard that we cannot accept someone's honest concern that we may get into an accident and instead interpret their observation as hostile criticism. And then, hostility meets hostility. Your thoughts?

What we SHOULD learn to do is to recognize that our passenger is acting as a second set of eyes in the happenchance that an oncoming accident may occur. And if you are the passenger, realize that if you alert the driver to avoid an accident, he or she may already be aware of the situation and may find it offensive that you are questioning their judgment driving. Either way, a little patience in understanding the differences and similarities of concern versus criticism could prevent the issue from evolving into a screaming match!

Food for thought.  ðŸ˜‰

Wednesday, August 15, 2018