Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

moving on .... 10 days till 40!!!

OK, so a good friend told me to not forget to blog! She is right. Thank you Kitty!!!  Tonight is not so much a specific anecdote but a rambling of thoughts. So forgive me if they seem unconnected. I will try my best to make sense of it all.

I had a BAD day at work today, simple as that. I am also feeling a little exhausted at home trying to keep up with the garden, cleaning house, my career efforts, normal job stress, and the antique 'side' business. Not to mention my writing, my decorating, my ongoing OCD organizing efforts. Feel sorry for me BOO HOO.  OK so I am stressed about alot .... but .... in the grand scheme of things, it is not so much a big deal.

I have a great home, a growing garden, a stable job in an other wise struggling economy, two great cats, an fabulous antique collection, great friends, and of course, the best thing that ever happened to me (you know who you are!!!).

I think what I am needing is some simplicity in my life. I think it means the purging of unnecessary clutter in my life. All those magazines will be donated. Books I haven't read, donated. Catalogs I have kept since 1998, dumped! LOL. Purging (even a small amount) is very cathartic, so I will try that. I also think I need to set some boundaries in my life for "ME" time. Nothing too extravagant. Just some time each evening to better myself, focus on myself,do something to advance my life and my passions whether it be writing, antiques, my home, etc.

One of my best friends had a close call with her son this weekend. Everything is cool. He is fine and is as happy as ever young little tyke. I am thankful for him and for her. It reminded me that things can happen when you least expect it ... and can change your life in an instant. So friends, remember that! Live each day to the fullest. I am sorry I was so down today friends, tomorrow is another, brighter day!  AND GUESS WHAT???? 10 days till I turn 40!!!!

By the way, my loving mother said to me the week she passed:  "Don't do as I did, I have regrets."  I hear you Mom, and love you so much each and every day. I am still hurting and think of you so much. I miss you and ever time I see that morning dove that visited me the day after you passed, I think of you!!!

I live by this mantra, "Don't do as I did, I have regrets."  Live each day to the fullest friends!

xoxo Marc


  1. I love this blog Marc!!! Today I took your advice without first hearing it. Live life to the fullest!!! I swear we must be kindred spirits or something! I am so very grateful for my life and everything in it. One bad day just makes you appreciate the awesome days!!!

  2. Thanks Kitty, I agree, kindred spirits! I appreciate the advice!

  3. Marc,

    I so very much agree with your mom - do live every day to the fullest! Absolutely! But, as far as the "regrets" go, well sometimes you don't regret them until way after the fact. Sometimes identifying a regret is in hindsight. Sometimes it's more complicated.

    Sometimes it's so obvious that the decision you're making is wrong. But sometimes the decision is mired in hope - as in "I know this is wrong, but if I don't try, I may never know." Sometimes it's a toss up. And that's so hard to live with.

    When your mom said that she had regrets, I think about what she might have regretted. I think about what my mom might have regretted. And that makes me think about what I might regret in my life. And for that, I consider our moms our teachers, as well as loving and compassionate women.

    I love you always. Hope I didn't offend you at all,

  4. I am with you on the purging. I am slowly trying to get organized in my apartment & work space.
    Bad days happen but always good to count your blessings. Ten days until you join the 40 something

  5. M, you did not offend me! I love the feedback. Mom was specifically referring to her career. I guess I should have specified that. Anyway, thanks for the response. xoxo.