Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Friday, June 4, 2010

ok, 1 hour till the birthday

Yes, I am buzzed. But ... not too buzzed to notice that I am on the edge of a new era/time in my life. I am TURNING 40!!!! I figured I could accept it philosophically or drunk. Well I am accepting it philosophically AND drunk. Do you know what made my day??? I have a robin's nest with babies right by my front door. That is just so cool.

My life is becoming exactly what I want it to. I love my home and my garden. My rose bush is BLOOMING! I am so excited I didn't kill it! LOL. I have a great garden. The house is coming along! I am realizing that the key to succeeding in life is to decide on your dreams and THEN MAKE THEM HAPPEN. I want to be a writer and I am succeeding. I am effing writing my effing blog! LOVE IT. Even if two people read it, the difference is that I am writing it for myself. BUT .... I would love you to read it too! :)

The cats are great. Max is a healthy bruiser. Miss little Moxie is not so little. She is on a diet, but we have lost a pound and are on our way to her goal weight. LOL.

SO ... what will the midlife crisis be about? One word: work.  I am OK though as I am, excuse the repetition, working on it. I have a goal and as I said before, you must decide on your dreams and THEN MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Thanks for all the support friends.
By the way ... the weekend has just started!!!


  1. Very well written drunken prolific entry. :-)
    You rock Marc.

  2. Well, I kept my birthday private this year. Didn't remind or tell anyone ahead of time. On the day of, my lab mates and I did our normal Friday routine - beers at 5pm. A little while later, a girlfriend of mine met up with us. She's a few years older than me, and she was the one person I wanted to share with. I told her it was my birthday, she hugged me, and when I asked her not to share it with anyone else, she agreed and hugged me again.

    So this is gonna sound kind of sad, but here it is. I didn't tell anyone because I was alone. Almost all of my friends are in their 20s, and while I generally adore them, they couldn't really know what it meant to turn 40. And since my husband, family, and my "golden" friends all live 2000 miles away, I was pretty sad not to be sharing the day with them. So, rather than be reminded over and over again how lonely I was for my very own special people every time someone here said happy birthday, I just kept it to myself. Sounds sad, but strangely it wasn't that bad at all.

    For the first time ever I was the only one that knew. I got to think about it all day and be amazed at what my life had been so far without having to explain, justify, or even talk about some vague plan for the next 40 years (should I be so lucky). I could reflect on the good, the bad, and yes, the ugly. I went through my day with the secret pleasure that it was my birthday. And that was my own little, very unexpected gift to myself.

    As it turned out, about a week later, my friends here remembered and showed up at my house with wine and cake. A surprise facilitated by my roommate. Ahhhh, I thought I had escaped it, but I hadn't. Oh well. They're good friends too. :-)

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  4. To my anonymous friend who posted this, I really enjoyed reading your response. :) Marc