Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Some random wonderful things I have seen:

1. A flock of one million red wing black birds in early spring, turning on a dime, showing their "red wings" all at once!
2. A sunset in Berks Cty that looked like a Maxfield Parrish painted sky. It was so beautiful it took  my breath away.
3. The birth of a beluga whale.
4. The birth of an elephant.
5. Watching a mother wren teach her 4 babies how to eat from a bird feeder.
6. A baby deer running across our field in Oley to come investigate me. She came within 10 feet until I heard her mother grunt to her and call her back. She ran back to Mom!
7. Saving a birdhouse of baby barn swallows which had fallen down, and I carefully put it back up on the pole. Momma bird came back and took care of them!
8. Six or Seven years old, Dad showing us a nest of baby bunny rabbits in the back yard.
9. Two otters frolicking and playing in a stream in Pacific Rim National Park in Washington state.
10.  The horseshoe crab migrations and egg laying nights in Fortescue, NJ.
11. Seeing a tornado from far away when I was about 10 driving through Nebraska with my family during one summer.
12. Any good lightening storm.
13. A flock of over 20 wild turkeys "crash" landing at Colton Point Park up at the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon.
14. Over 10 turkey vultures feasting on a dead dear carcass along the Brandywine River.
15. Niagra Falls.
16. The Colorado Rockies
17. A red crested pileated woodpecker in my backyard the size of a chicken!
18. Mesa Verde cliff dwellings
19. A South Dakota sunset
20. Galloping pronghorn antelope in the wild
21. The Badlands in South Dakota.
22. Standing on a dock in the middle of the Perkiomen Creek surrounded by over a dozen bats feeding over the waters, not once did one ever hit me, but they flew awful close!
The list could go on and on. I am very fortunate to have seen all of this!

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