Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Some of my Favorite Modern Sculptures

These are some of my favorite modern sculptures. This is not an inclusive list by any means, just some which I have always admired during my studies. I have not seen all of these, just studied them during my years getting my Art History minor at Rutgers U in New Brunswick. The ones in Philadelphia I have seen. I also saw the Calder sculpture below in Seattle.

The pictures shown are for educational purposes only. I do not own the rights.

Andy Warhol "Brillo Boxes" 1964 Philadelphia Museum of Art

I have always been such a huge Andy Warhol fan!  I am fascinated by the concept of taking everyday objects and creating art. Andy Warhol took popular objects and did the same.

Claes Oldenburg "Clothespin" 1976 Philadelphia

I remember seeing this even as a young child. There is something so wonderful about the simplest of objects made so large!

Constantin Brancusi "Mademoiselle Pogany" 1912 Philadelphia Museum of Art

Alien, so smooth, a beautiful work of art.

Jeff Koons "Yellow Balloon Dog" Metropolitan Museum of Art 1994-2000

I love how toy-like it looks. It is deceiving in size and in material. It is actually stainless steel.

Alexander Calder "Eagle" 1971 Seattle

For some reason, Calder's "Eagle" always frightened me.

Meret Oppenheim "Fur-Lined Tea Cup" 1936 Museum of Modern Art, NYC

This always freaked me out. I wasn't frightened by it, just freaked out by its perversity. It is something that should not be made of fur and yet is! It evokes unsettling and disturbing feelings. I like it, haha, but I am also freaked out by it.

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