Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Endorsement: Chobani Yogurt

Plain 0% Greek Yogurt

I love Chobani Yogurt!  Chobani is a Greek yogurt with great flavor that comes in several varieties. It is perfect for a quick breakfast or snack. Let me just start off by saying that when I grew up, I hated yogurt. Never a fan. But as I got older, I "grew" into yogurt and eventually liked it. I never thought in a million years though that I would develop a taste for Greek yogurt! Out of the several brands on the market, Chobani is definitely my favorite brand. 

Greek yogurt has a different flavor and texture than regular yogurt. It is creamier, heavier, and more indulgent. I feel it has a tangy flavor about it. It's definitely an acquired taste. If you are just beginning to include Greek yogurt in your diet, you might want to try one of the flavored ones first. It may be a little easier to handle on your palate. Some people compare it to sour cream. I don't think it is that sour, just tangy.

Pomegranate 0% Greek Yogurt

Chobani has several flavors:  Plain, vanilla, honey, black cherry, lemon, blueberry, raspberry, peach, strawberry, and pomegranate.  My favorite is the pomegranate flavor. Chobani adds whole pomegranate seeds to it for an added punch.  The plain variety is perfect for adding your own fruit, granola, brown sugar, or other sweeteners.

Greek yogurt is also better for you than regular yogurt so says Ohio State University nutritionist Julie Kennel Shertzer. She explains that both Greek and regular yogurt are "excellent sources of calcium and good sources of protein, their bacteria cultures aid digestion, and the unsweetened low- and nonfat varieties are low in calories. But according to Shertzer, Greek yogurt does have a few nutritional advantages over regular yogurt:  'Since it's a more concentrated product, it packs a few more grams of protein per serving,' she says. 'It's also a bit lower in sugar and carbohydrates, since lactose, a form of sugar present in all dairy products, is removed with the whey.'"

So don't be scared of Greek yogurt like I once was! Try something different which is also good for you and you may find you like it.

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