Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Donating Magazines for Mom

The 3rd anniversary of my Mother's passing comes on April 10th. For good reason, it is always a sad time in my life. I dread the exact date as well as the two weeks before when she was in the hospital and then hospice care at home. In fact, I was going to hospitals and rehab centers to visit her for 3 months after she had the accident in late January of 2009.

Often, I would take breaks and just rest or check my messages in the waiting rooms. I swear that I read each magazine several times over. It became annoying that a greater selection of magazines to pass the time was not present. Or maybe they were and others just took them to the patient's rooms or home with them after visiting. Either way, it was a pretty sad selection.

Anyway, my Mother just always loved her magazines. For years she had subscriptions to various women's magazines and others including Country Living, Colonial Homes, and Philadelphia Magazine. I have a subscription to Country Living, partly because I love the magazine and partly as an homage to Mom. Getting her monthly magazines put Mom in a good mood. To this day, it just makes my day getting the latest copy of a favorite mag in my mailbox.

As a tribute to Mom each year, I clean out my home of old mags and collect those from friends and family members. I donate them to the Schuylkill Medical Center in Pottsville and Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown where she spent so much of her time. I leave them for others who need some reading to pass the time while visiting their loved ones.

I know I have mentioned this to several friends before, but I had never written about it. If I work with you, please consider bringing in your extra magazines for me to take to the hospitals. Those of you who are friends of mine in Lake Wynonah, please drop them off at the Lodge or at my house in the next two weeks. Or, alternately, please donate your used magazines to you local hospital, nursing home, or rehabilitation center. Just call the hospital volunteer group of the one you would like to donate to and ask them where you can drop the magazines off. They have always been happy to take them for the waiting rooms when I have offered.


  1. Marc,
    What a great idea and a very nice tribute to your Mother. As your Brother's, Dad-in-law, I was privileged to have met her and talk with her on many occasions.

  2. Thanks Skip. I can tell you she really like you alot. :)