Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Fever

I am feeling the spring fever my friends!  I saw my first robins of the season last week. The daffodils are up. The rabbits are out at night to feed!  Springtime has a way of rejuvenating and reenergizing the body, mind, and soul. I wasn't eager to get outside today and start the yardwork but once I began, there was no stopping me.

My normal outside work during the winter is cleaning up branches and refilling the bird feeders. Pretty mundane. It's not like you can do much. I ventured outside today just to take the tarp off of the bistro set on the side deck. I figured I wanted a place to enjoy coffee again each morning. It was in the high 60's without a cloud in the sky. I noticed a holly branch or two jutting from the tree right by the front door. No wonder my 70 something fabulous neighbor Charlotte seemed to complain about it. Every time she came over to drop off some home baked goodies or a bottle of wine, she would wince about getting scratched from it. Snip snip, the branch fell to the deck. Snip snip some more branches fell about. After an hour of snipping, I finally felt satisfied.

The holly bush was trimmed. Well, I think I over trimmed it. John said while smiling that it looked naked. Well, it'll grow back ... hopefully soon. :)  I forgot how allergic I am to the prickly leaves. Where ever I get scratched, I develop hives. Oh well, such is the pain for a perfectly pruned bush. I did start itching madly but nothing a Benedryl with vodka chaser couldn't help. I was now in the snipping mood! The rose bush is now pruned and ready for spring. I went larger. I got out the pruning saw and hit the oak tree as well.


While by the side deck, I decided to see if my family of salamanders survived the winter. YES, I said SALAMANDERS!  We have a family which have thrived over the last couple years under a plank of wood by the deck. I saw three in October and wondered if they would make it through the winter. I carefully picked up the plank and counted not one, not two, but six salamanders! I know it sounds crazy, but the rough and tumble kid who used to trek through the woods of my hometown really comes out in me and I love seeing wildlife thrive. :)  I was just thrilled that they made it through the winter!

I am sure the crazy chipmunks will be running about across the yard soon enough. We had one on each side of the house last year. A cousin was also living in the rocks by the rhododendron across the yard and still another by the birdbath in the far back by the woods. Hopefully they will evade Charlotte's tiger striped tabby by the name of Abby. (No I am not making that up!) Charlotte adopted a beautiful tiger stripe kitty last year and named her unknowingly after my recently passed mother. I don't question it but enjoy having an "Abby" wander between the yards!

After my day of yard work mixed with excitement, I filled the bird feeders, collected branches across the yard from the March "lion" winds, trimmed up the pussy willow, uprighted the bird baths, and ... the most mundane task of all, took the trash out. Hey, the basic chores gotta be done too!

Happy Early Spring!

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