Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Friday, April 13, 2012


This week, John and I were lucky enough to have my brother Adam, his wife Teresa, my niece Angelica, and nephew Johnny visit us. I went crazy cleaning the house the week prior. Teresa evening called 2 hours early saying they would be there within the hour and I went into panic mode! John calmed me down and I just did the essentials and even got almost everything done by the time they arrived. What I did not get done, I turned down the lights or covered with a throw blanket!

Mom would have been proud as at least the bathrooms were clean, the kitchen was clean, and there was fresh towels in the bathrooms and fresh linens in the bedrooms! We spend the long weekend reminiscing. Friday night was spent at sister Sheryl's for Passover dinner. She put on a great feast. She is truly the gourmet of the family. We did a traditional (speeded up version for us reformed Jews) Passover Seder. I was the Leader and Johnny asked the traditional Passover questions. It was the first time in over 20 years and Adam, Sheryl, and I were together on Passover. After dinner, we went through Mom's stuff and divied it up. It was tough but a very special evening.

The rest of the trip was spent sightseeing and taking long drives around the countryside of Schuylkill County and the Amish Country. It was fun having the kids around. They played in the yard and climbed trees. They asked me for knives, hammers, and chisels. Being the nonparent, or course I gave them to the kids. LOL. Adam and Teresa asked why I didn't just offer matches and gasoline. All I could say is that is why I have cats! LOL. Oh yes, the cats have never had so much attention. They were exhausted!

John made an awesome Italian dinner on Easter and we made Easter baskets for the kids. Being the OCD control freak, I prepackaged the jelly beans and chocolate eggs in Ziplocs so the kids wouldn't spill any out of the Easter basket. I had the family cracking up. I just thought it would be neater and more orderly. We watched movies and videos afterwards and stayed up late talking.

Barry, my stepdad, and his fiance, Diane, had us over for a BBQ at his place the next evening. It was a very nice night and the kids enjoyed seeing their Grandpa Bear.

Overall, a great week that ended too quickly. It was bitter sweet as it was the 3rd anniversary of Mom's passing. We visited Mom's grave site at Fort Indiantown Gap National Cemetary to pay our respects. The kids decorated the grave marker with flower blossoms and a yellow ribbon. I brought along a bag of walnuts for the friendly squirrels and the kids placed them nearby. Ironically two of John's relatives are buried in the same area, so we paid our respects to them as well.

Next time, my turn out to San Diego!

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