Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Music Awakens the Spirit

I have blogged about my love of music before and how it stirs our memories and emotions:

It was about how music brings you back to that certain time, or memory. For instance, I hear a certain song that my mother listened to and I am instantly taken back to my memories of Mom putting on the album on the record player in the dining room. Smelling the smells of my house from the 70's, the food, my Mother's perfume, my Dad's cigars. Feelings of happiness and contentment accompany my memories. Music does that to you. It awakens your spirit and allows you to relive those past times.

Music has also been seen as a type of therapy. A number of websites and studies foster the belief that it enhances healing and promotes well being. One only has to experience the feel good emotions that a certain song can give you.

A good friend of mine, Dawn, posted this video on Facebook and I had to repost it on my blog and share it with you all. The premise is that elderly man sits in day in and day out in an assisted living facility, just passing the time. He is not a vegetable by any means, but just doesn’t have any spirit. It seems as if he is just waiting to die. The people in this video did a study to see the effects of introducing music and the outcome is extraordinary. Just see if this doesn’t bring a tear to your eye.

After watching this video, I look at music therapy with a new found respect. It has awakened something in this elderly man. He became "alive" again.

Thanks Dawn for turning me on to this. :)


  1. Marc, that was so inspiring to me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Marc, that was very inspiring. It's good to know that music can be a benefit to us in our later years. We have to remember the music so we can continue to dance.


  3. Let's start preparing our tune players now! And if there is any one you can help this way--take that step. This could be a national movement. The Smithsonian just released all the tapes that Alan Lomax recorded in his lifetime of ethno-musicology. Spread the word.
    Obviously I'm very inspired by this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.