Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Dad the Artist

I also name this blogpost 'Art Bramble'. I think it sounds better than 'Art Ramble' because bramble sounds so much more fun! LOL. This blog is dedicated to my father for his upcoming birthday on September 23rd. Brief backstory friends:

My father, Robert E. Haynes is one of my greatest influences ... in mind, body, soul, ideas, ethics, morals, values, and art. His picture with me is the one at the top of this blog. He taught at Glassboro State College, now Rowan University, for 3 decades. Before that, an artist and illustrator. Presently, he is retired, loving retirement in the artistically incredible Humbolt County, California, as an artist once again and an arts educator on several boards in the communities of Arcata and Eureka, California. Dad, forgive me if some details are amiss. LOL. But my friends, you get the idea. Artist, traveler of the world, educator, and back to being an artist and arts administrator with a heavy influence in the community arts! In the arts community, Dad has done it all!

When other fathers were taking their kids to baseball games and football games, I was traveling the USA, visiting museums. Or I was back home going to art openings, museums, studios, and galleries. We visited the zoo, the beach, nature preserves, went camping, and visited historical sites.

We grew up in a house in Wenonah, NJ, which could be considered a gallery/art museum of its own. Mom and Dad decorated with photography, water colors, oils, prints, etchings, sculptures, antiques, gouaches, pastels, and charcoal drawings. It was incredible. Our family library included art books by Monet, Dali, Gothic artists, Persian artists, Oceanic artists, architecture, sculpture, Indian art, Eskimo art, African art, and so much more. It was just incredible and gave so many hours of enjoyment, learning, and instruction.

Dad would encourage us to create art from paintings, to photography, to pencil drawings, to clay sculptures, to papier-mache', to our favorite balloon plaster sculptures. These favorites were made with plaster in a container around a balloon. Let it dry, pop the balloon, and make a free-form sculpture. Google it kids! It was a great artistic experience! Dad even helped me construct an architecturally correct solar house in 6th grade. He was and is still the artistic god that I love.

Dad was more than art though. He IS the most incredible father. I feel like I can talk to him about anything in my life without judgement, even at the exciting frazzled age of 42! He is one of those individuals that you feel will always truly love you for what you are. I am the luckiest kid on Earth. My Dad is my mentor and as I stated before, one of my greatest single influences in my life. :)

My brother and sister went to Glassboro State where Dad taught. I sat in on a few of his classes but went to Rutgers University. My minor was art history. My major, psychology. Those who can't create art ... like myself, end up studying it! I should have brought it up to a major. I regret that. But studying art solidified in to a permanent place in my life.

When I lived in Philly, I used to attend First Fridays ALL THE TIME! :) For those not in the know, they were and still are, open gallery nights where each gallery showcased their works on the first Friday each month, having appetizers and some bevies (hopefully alcoholic!). What fun events they were! I was a young twenty something trying to meet artists and find out about their works while sipping on boxed wine and eating crackers and cheese. Fun times my friends. It was different from the crazy club scene I was used to and in the process, I was getting my art fix.

I miss it though. I am still incredibly into art but haven't attended many gallery openings since moving out to the 'burbs. I have moved further and further out into the country. Owning a home has taken priority and most of my time is encompassed by working, my part time job, taking care of the house, and writing.

I need that to change. I am longing for my roots. I need them, they are apart of me and who I am. I need to feel artistically fulfilled. No, I am not going to create art, crazy fools! I completely suck at it! I need to immerse myself in the art gallery worlds of the local community. So Reading, PA with your Goggleworks and Allentown, PA with your Allentown Art Museum, get ready, because I am coming back on the scene to critique, explore, and enjoy your art! Anyone who wants to go to an art opening in my area, let me know. I would love the company!

As I said, it's my Dad's birthday on September 23rd, HAPPY BIRTHDAY POP! I love you more than you will ever know. :)

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