Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Helping Others

The concept of "paying it forward" is a rich one that we should all practice in our daily lives. It means basically if someone helps you, rather than repaying the good deed to them, pay the kindness forward and help someone else, a stranger perhaps.

Last week I was struggling with groceries at the local supermarket. It was one of those times when you go in for milk and before you know it, have two arms filled with cat food, orange juice, hamburger, soap, and then probably forget the milk! I was trying to get a basket and was obviously having issues. Some kid saw me struggling, grabbled one of the baskets and actually put in a couple of my groceries for me until I could manage it myself. I thanked him and he sheepishly nodded, "No problem" before walking away. Well there is hope for today's youth after all, I thought laughing to myself.

I was driving home down Route 78 the other day and a police officer had pulled someone over. The 18 wheeler in the slow lane put on his left blinker to move into the fast lane to avoid the officer and other driver. I was in the fast lane bebopping along to my tunes and saw him trying to get over.

The traffic in front of me would not let him in even though he was trying to do the right thing. I slowed down and flashed my lights giving him the signal to move in front of me. He did so and flashed his brakes several times as a "trucker thank you." Once we passed the pull-over, he moved back into the slow lane. I passed him and honk my horn twice quickly as a "you're welcome" and he responded blowing the truck horn.  Small random acts of kindess make life easier for others.

This past winter, my 70 something neighbor Charlotte was shoveling snow all by herself so John and I went out and shoveled her driveway. Our other neighbor Adam, came over and helped out and before you know it, we had Charlotte's driveway snowfree. We were rewarded by Charlotte's famous chili, turkey pot pie, and interestingly enough two quart containers of chicken stock, "just in case" as she stated. "You never know boys, when you're gonna need chicken stock!"

Lastly, my coworker Melissa told me that I had spinach in my teeth after lunch. I thanked her and removed the branch-sized wad. I instant-messaged her later writing, "That's what friends are for, telling you when you have stuff in your teeth." She reminded me to pay it forward. I told her that I already did. I refrained from telling someone I didn't like the ugly sweater that they were wearing that day. Ehr … bad example.

So the idea is that when someone helps you, make sure you in turn, help someone else. Have a mental log that you need to do a good deed today. You will help someone and in turn, feel better about yourself.


  1. Very good advice. Hope it reaches those that don't think it's important to do such good things for others.


  2. Marc, This blog touches on the core of civilization. Pay it forward, helping others, consideration... I use the term cooperation, but (to over-simplify) all things good come from working together - all things bad come from fighting the other guy. Civilization is based on cooperation, between nations, between groups, and, most basically, between each of us on a daily basis. My only suggestion is, Don't Wait for the other guy. Lou

  3. Thanks Skip and Lou, as always, for your comments. I really enjoy reading your perspectives and opinions.