Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Items You Need Several Of!

These are items that I feel you should have in your home, office, car, yacht, plane, or perhaps golf cart. This list is not gender specific, although two are kid and dog specific. I don't profess to knowing anything that women may need, but I figure kids like snacks and dogs like treats. Plus, it gave me a nice round figure of 20 items. Oh crap, there are 21. Anyway, read on:

1. boxes of tissues (As someone who has bad allergies, I can't have enough tissues. I should really buy stock in Kleenex.)

2. lip balm (My friend Jen and I bonded on this one. We each apparently have several in our homes, office, and cars.)

3. mints or gum (Always a must when you are meeting friends or going into a work meeting after a garlicky lunch at the local pasta joint.)

4. cell phone chargers (You never know when you need it or when too much time on Facebook zaps the power from that battery.)

5. flashlights … with good batteries (Good for locating whatever fell under the desk or that loose change under the car seat.)

6. Tide detergent pens (I have saved many a friend with coffee spillage. I have also saved my work shirts from that Taco Bell run on the way home from work.)

 7. antibacterial gels (Just don't drink it like some crazy kids are now doing. Wait 'til you get home for the alcohol.)

8. Band-aids (Grandpa Leslie Haynes taught me always to have a couple on hand. My Dad reiterated this!)

9. eyeglass spray/cleaner (Works on cell phone screens as well as glasses.)

10. mini sewing kits (Two words: Hems n buttons.)

11. dental floss (Do you really want that hunk of steak gristle staring back at you in your rear  view mirror?)

12. baby wipes (For messy kids and messy adults.)

13. hand lotion (Mom always taught me to moisturize that dry skin.)

14. plastic bags (You never know when you will need to carry a dozen items home from work or for those yardsale purchases which do not come with bags.)

15. spare change/couple dollars (For the parking meter or the afternoon office run to Dunkin Donuts.)

16. umbrella (Duh.)

17. gloves (For that Nor'Easter which crops up in mid March and you left the gloves at home.)

18. a pen and or sharpie marker (Pencils are sooo last century.)

19. snacks (Caught at the office late? Car break down waiting for a tow? Just home and hungry?)

20. dog treats (Don't mix these up with the snacks.)

21. cough drops or any suck candy (Saves you from the tickle in your throat r.)

Thanks to my friends Jen and Melissa for the idea and input!

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