Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Arthritis ... Thanks Mom!

About three months ago, I started having pain and swelling in my knees. I could get down but then needed to pull myself back up. I thought the reason was that I was working out too much. Then I remembered that I wasn't working out at all that month. I was on a "holiday hiatus."  What holiday you ask? Umm, January 19th National Popcorn Day. 

Anyway, maybe the pain was due to a lack of working out?  Hmmm. An unanswered question that I promptly ignored as I shoved another handful of buttered popcorn into my mouth and washed it down with a glass of red wine. Yes, I am the epitome of class.  I then realized that those years of cross-country running and track have finally caught up with me!

I started working out once again after I realized that the lumbar support I felt on my car seat was actually my back-fat bulging from my sides. Now that's a pleasant statement. But getting into shape takes time. I know my recent (ahem) weight gain, although only 10 … ok 15 pounds, may not seem like that much but it does exacerbate already present health issues including … get ready for it … pain in my knees.

I spoke with my sister Sheryl the other morning on our daily "commute chat" who luckily commiserates with me on all the aches and pains of aging. She confirmed that Mom did suffer from arthritis and most likely this was yet another fun hereditary medical condition passed onto me.

Move over high blood pressure and allergies! We need to make space on the boat for arthritis! Now all four of us can sail off into the sunset together in this journey we call aging!

I asked Sheryl what I could do for it and she promptly told me she lives on Aleve. Well, I already take 4-6 various pills daily for various ailments, so what's one or two more?

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