Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Annoyances in the Life of Marc

These are mostly everyday occurrences which I come across and either roll my eyes at, sigh loudly, or exclaim “UGH!” in disgust. Now before, my friendly reader, you tell me to get over it, I do recognize that these are pretty minor. Just chalk it up that I’m on my way to becoming a crotchety old man. Some of these are car related as my commute really sucks.

I was commuting last week on busy Route 78  and next to me was an older man drinking coffee out of a white ceramic kitchen mug. Ugh! It’s 2013, drive immediately to Dunkin Donuts and buy yourself a metal or plastic travel mug.

I hate it when the first clam in a heaping steaming bowl is the filled with grit!

I get annoyed by having to line up with others at the Southwest airline gates in the A, B, and C lines like we are cattle. I am usually in line C so that means I am a member of the lower class cattle.

I had brunch with John this morning at a diner in downtown State College, PA. They put out glass ketchup bottles. It was the bottle part that annoyed me. I thought places got rid of the glass bottle and now only used plastic. It took me forever to get the ketchup out. I had to do the old “get the ketchup out with the knife trick.” Give me a plastic bottle I can squeeze G-d damnit!

I find those jarring lime green shirts that construction workers are now wearing very annoying. I prefer the Tang orange ones, thank you.

Windows 8: enough said.

I hate getting gas on me the first thing in the morning while pumping gas.  I have to work the entire day smelling like Texaco. There is nothing that gets out that smell.

The cats just have to desecrate the litter box immediately after I clean it. Can't you wait 5 minutes? No, I swear they hide right around the corner waiting for me to leave the bathroom. As soon as I walk out, I imagine them fighting over who gets to go in the clean box first.

Speaking of the cats, it really annoys me when they are scratching the couch and just staring at me as if they are saying, "Yeah I'm scratching. What are you gonna do about it? Even if you make me stop now, I'll wait till your gone!"

You are listening to satellite radio in the car singing at full volume and it cuts out. So even if you are alone, you stop singing immediately and look around embarrassed. It is then you realize how badly you actually sing.

Individual coffee creamers at restaurants that are curdled and then ruin that first cup of coffee.

You pop a bunch of fresh grapes into your mouth and bite down on that one small sour grape that escaped your sight.

I sometimes get sidetracked doing the wash and walk away - for hours. Before I know it, I have a smelly pile of laundry festering in the washer now smelling like a wet Labrador retriever. Hello REWASH!

Peach fuzz which is why I am an avid summertime nectarine aficionado.

I get so annoyed when I write down a long ass confirmation number from a bill I just paid on the phone and realize that I went off the paper and wrote half of it on the kitchen table. Example:  CF# 3735960056940182597014. REALLY???

You are driving on the highway in the fast lane behind someone driving UNDER the speed limit. They eventually either move over into the slow lane or you pass them and see them on their cell phone talking or texting, eating or drinking anything, applying makeup or shaving, or drinking coffee out of a ceramic kitchen coffee mug.


  1. Amen, brother.

    Jack Ross

  2. I, too, hate those darned 'cattle' gates at the airport and slooooooooow drivers in the passing lane!!!

    ~Lisa W