Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spring 2014 and Lollipop!

Beautiful forsythias in our yard
Ahhh, the Spring! .... sneeze, wheeze, cough, cough.  I think my allergies contributed to writers' block this past month! April was a hard month for me emotionally. It has been 5 years since Mom's passing and I think I was finding it still hard to deal with the anniversary. I did visit her at her gravesite up at Fort Indiantown Gap military cemetery and paid my respects. It can still be so difficult.

This year's Spring brings much yard work needed to clean up the Winter's mess.  The Fall is my favorite season but nothing beats the Spring for breathing new life into you after the doldrums of Winter.

Dead :(
Last week John and I surveyed the yard to see what we needed to do in terms of clean up after that horrible winter. Lemme just say that there is alot! Some of it was upsetting. When temperatures dipped down to the negative digits over the winter, many bushes and trees suffered as a result.

I think Mrs. Bentz's rose bush died. Haven't seen any life on it yet. Mrs. Betnz was the former home owner. Better not let my dear neighbor Charlotte see it, she always admired it. Although now that I think more of it, I don't think she would really care. I asked her once if she conversed with Mrs. Bentz and she stated in a huff, "I didn't socialize with the Bentzes of 413 Mohave."  Um... OK, are we in prewar America? Not to mention, I know my home's address.

Only one of three butterfly bushes have started blooming, hopefully the other two haven't died. The rhododendrons lost several limbs on each plant but I do see buds growing in other places. They still haven't bloomed yet either. I lost two silver maple trees which were in large jardinieres (FANCY POTS). They had survived for many years, but not this past winter. We also lost a holly bush by the back of the yard. No reason why but all the leaves have fallen and there are no buds. It was so cold this past winter that deer ate the greens off of our evergreen bushes, stripping one down to the branches.  I killed a small evergreen by trying last Fall to transplant it to ... hold for it ... another jardiniere!  Poor little guy didn't last the winter.
Trying to regrow grass.

I do have a bumper crop of dandelions. Yes, Lake Wynonah residents, I know they are there, thank you very much. :)  I shake my angry old man fist at them each morning leaving for work. The cold wet winter brought the moss to spread across the entire yards so we have been
digging it up and replanting grass.  And for the first year since we have been here we have a carpenter ant infestation in the house which we have been battling. It seems to get better and then they send out raiding parties. EVERYTHING food related is now in storage containers, in the pantry off the hall or in the fridge.   We finally gave in and placed a call to Ehrlich's for some professional help.
The salamanders survived!

And lastly, our hummingbirds are not yet back this year. I have put out food in case they return. I am heartened by the knowledge that my good friend Bonnie who lives on the big lake has them back!

Now with the good news! I counted a flock of 16 returning robins in one of our silver maples one morning in March. The holly bush nesting robins of 413 Mohave (thank you Charlotte) are back in their nest for a 4th year in a row. I have spied American goldfinches, a pair of cowbirds, the cutest little Eastern bluebird and loud brassy cat birds at the feeder. One of the chipmunks survived which means more cannot be far behind. The salamanders who live off of the side steps survived as well.

The forsythias are doing well. Our chives are growing quickly as are the lilies of the valley.  And every flowering tree in the yard has finally bloomed, albeit a little late.


I also have my health. There are always others worse off than us. Can't ever forget that.

Little Peace Farm in Schulkill County
Lastly, I want to tell you about an organic farm I discovered not more than 3 miles from my home. It is called Little Peace Farm in Reedsville, PA. This quaint farm is run by Michael and Emily Scheidel for the last several years.  From their website :  "Little Peace Farm is a small family farm offering a wide selection of chemical-free produce, cut flowers and herbs." John and I went to a yard sale their this past weekend and we bought Roma tomato plants, herbs, and organic free range eggs. The one daughter I spoke with stated they had 100 layers putting out eggs.

Barn cat just hangin' out at Little Peace Farm.
I love free range farm eggs and actively look to support businesses such as this one. If you can, try and support this local business!

For those that live in Lake Wynonah, the farm is about a mile off of Rt 183 by the Pioneer Pole Building company.  You can get directions from the map on their website. But the best part of our visit out there, besides yard sale finds and farm fresh eggs, was that we got to meet and become friends with their calf, Lollipop! I couldn't stop smiling at this beautiful calf. It made my day.

Lollipop the Calf!


  1. Adam always told me that you were just so hard to please and get along with, but after reading this, I just can't image that to be true. Not after reading about Lollipop the calf. Looks like it may be a Jersey Calf.
    I always loved my time on the farms of my Grandparents and my Aunt and Uncle. even though I had to work the whole summer, it was still a fun time.

  2. Skip, my brother was the one who instigated me! hahaha. And yes, she is a Jersey calf!
    MissDieed: I love that calf. Meeting Lollipop was awesome!

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