Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Yard Rabbit & Friends

Hummingbird feeder and the rabbit.
(A little blurry due to screen window)
Last week was an incredibly stressful work week. I'm not going into detail but it was a doozy. I don't want to alienate anyone so I will keep mum.  I have an incredible view out my kitchen window across my yard; First, the middle aged oak tree with all the bird feeders, then onto the long rectangular shaped flower garden in the middle and finally ending at the other side of the yard at our fire-pit.

I will often come home and make myself an after-work cocktail and just gaze out at the yard, either from the kitchen window or relax out on the deck. I love my yard. This particular day, I leaned up against the kitchen sink counter and spied our "yard" rabbit out by the middle flower bed.

Looking towards the house with the middle flower
bed on the left side of the picture.
He was munching away for a good five minutes on clover, irises, alfalfa, various grasses, lily of the valley, and whatever else within hopping distance. One of several chipmunks taking up residence in each corner of the yard ran down the long railroad tie along one side of the bed just like it was a boardwalk. He passed the rabbit eventually coming to the bottom of the oak tree where the bird feeders hang. Neither reacted to each other's presence. Quickly gathering up fallen birdseed, he sped back passing the rabbit once more, down the "boardwalk" and across the rest of the yard to one of his little storerooms in the rocks next to the fire-pit area.

Meanwhile, one of our two hummingbirds zoomed in to feed at the hanging feeder in the oak. Hovering for 30 seconds at a time at each feeder, he took his fill and then sat on a branch nearby for a moment before being almost shoved off by the passing of one bully of a cat bird.

The oak tree with the middle flower bed (color enhanced).
Two robins hopped by pulling up worms.  One of them flew vertical up into the oak tree. I followed her with my eyes and actually discovered that there is a nest with two babies that I can see from the window! It is way up but I can just make out their bobbing heads. My stress began to melt away.

Moxie, my cat, rubbed at my ankles wanting some attention so I picked her up and held her in my arms. We both continued to look outside. Moxie began chattering her teeth in excitement at all the activity. I looked at her excited by it all, smiled, and then looked back outside again.

I figured all I needed now for perfection was Bambi or Flower the Skunk to wander by.

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