Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Little Kid Rambles

While camping at World's End State Park in Forksville, PA, I had to use shower/bath house one evening to wash up. I set up shop at the sink and immediately heard a young child in a stall with his Dad. This little kid was doin' his business and was just talking away.

This young little chatterbox was asking his Dad a million questions! He must've been about 3.

"Why is it snowing?" he asked in his meek yet eager voice.
"Because it's cold," the Dad replied.
"What is that?"
"Well, that's the light on the ceiling."
"Oh, OK, Daddy can we talk about the snow again?"
"Sure, what do you want to talk about?" the Dad asked.
"Let's talk about the snow," the little boy replied.
"Well what do you want to know?"
"How much snow is it?"
"It's about 6 inches of snow."
"Is that a lot?" the little boy could be heard asking.
"Well it's enough!" the father laughed.
"Yeah, that's enough ... what's that?!"the little boy asked.
"That's a skylight in the ceiling."
"What does that do?"
"It lets in light."

I turned on the sink faucet to brush my teeth, washed my face and then moved to the hand dryer to dry my hands. The little boy kept going on and on. He had the most patient Dad just waiting for him to do his business. I began to enjoy this little kid with his endless questions.

"What was THAT Daddy?!"
"Just someone using the sink, it's alright."
Oh great, I thought, they are talking now about me.
"Oh, OK. What is he doing?" the little boy asked.
"Probably washing up, focus on what you are doing, OK?"
"OK ... is he staying in here too?"
His father chuckled, "Yes, he probably is."
"Oh ... OK ... where?"
"Probably in a cabin just like us."
"Oh. OK."

I  moved to the other stall to grab some tissue to blow my nose.
The little boy immediately noticed that I had entered the stall right next to his and exclaimed, "DADDY!!!"
"What? What's wrong?" he asked with a chuckle.
"That man has shoes JUST LIKE YOURS!"

I looked down at my hiking shoes and busted up into laughter. The father immediately started laughing along with me. I just couldn't help myself!

He said out loud to me while laughing, "I'm so sorry!"
I was still cracking up and replied, "That's OK. I've enjoyed the conversation. And hey, what happens in here stays in here, right?"
"Absolutely!" he exclaimed. "Have a good night."
"You as well!" I replied.

I gotta tell you, some conversations you just can't make up. I haven't laughed that hard in ages.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Great Customer Service from Elmo Pio Wines

Elmo Pio Wines
I love my wine. Anyone who knows me knows that. I especially love a good affordable wine; something to gulp, I mean sip, during the evenings after a long hard day at work. (every day). One evening, I was enjoying a bottle of Elmo Pio Chianti. You know the bottle, the kitschy one with the straw basket on the lower half? I love it! It is a great wine which always reminds me of that classic Billy Joel song, "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant". 

Now I had an issue with a bottle of wine I was drinking and subsequently contacted the distributor about it. It wasn't a major concern and I'm not going to go into detail about it because the matter was handled quickly, thoroughly, and professionally. AND I wanted to tell you about the wonderful customer service I received from Pio Imports / Elmo Pio Wines.

I initially left a message on their website asking for a callback to address my concerns. A couple of days went by and then finally, rather annoyed, I called the distributor directly in North Wales, PA. I left one of my typically long rambling messages requesting and expecting a callback.
I finally got a callback from a man named Dave Dahme who turned out to be the general manager of the import company in the US. He apologetically explained that he had been in Europe in Italy at the vineyards (wish that was my job!) and then was doing a wine tasting back in the states in Hershey, PA. Gee did I feel like a demanding, annoying rube. I think we each apologized to the other several times.
Photo taken by a very appreciative customer!
After I explained my issue with my bottle of Chianti, Mr. Dahme set about to make things "right." He kept in touch via phone and email throughout the next couple weeks. He also kept me in the loop with his correspondence to his business partners in Italy which I thought was pretty cool, too.

Now all I had wanted was a new bottle of Chianti but Mr. Dahme went above and beyond the call of duty. We set up a meeting outside of Allentown for me to drop off my old bottle of Chianti. He had driven an hour north to meet me and presented me with two higher end bottles of Chianti and a bottle of Prosecco expressing his regrets on my experience.

Needless to say, I was very impressed by how hard he worked to rectify my issue. In one of my previous careers, I worked for the Ritz-Carlton Philly for 8 years and have come to recognize and expect great customer service. More often than not, you don't receive it and leave an establishment disappointed.

Mr. Dahme's response showed me that there are still people and companies out there which run their business with a foundation of incredible customer service. It is becoming a rarity these days.  For that, I am thankful and  he has now gained a Elmo Pio customer for life!