Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

10 Second Memory: Deception at Walt Disney World

This past Fall, I was with my sister Sheryl at a harvest festival in Sinking Spring, PA. We were watching various families mill about at this carnival type atmosphere and a screaming crying child bolted past me. I turned and begun chuckling.  I wasn't chuckling at the child but actually because it reminded me of an emotional outburst I had waaay back in 1976 while on vacation at Walt Disney World.  I was 6 years old and discovering the power of deception.

The day was spent touring the park. Highlights included me flirting with an older gal at a fountain whom I thought would be my future wife. She was seven. We all loved the "Small World After All" ride (and singing it to my parent's annoyance the rest of the trip). Adam and I thought the monorail going through the hotel was soo cool. Who could forget Mom screaming during the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, "OMG THERE'S A WATERFALL! BOB! HOLD ONTO THE KIDS!" freaking out every family in our boat. I remembered being extremely bored by the Berenstain Bears Jamboree and falling asleep during the President's Hall exhibit (yawwwn). Lastly, the Mainstreet Electrical Parade was spectacular but no one took any good pictures. The pictures were all blurry lines of light thanks to the 1970's Kodak Instamatic!

I picked up a great little toy Dumbo(my favorite Disney character at the time), a wooden alligator, and a skull necklace with a diamond eye from the Pirates of the Caribbean gift shop. No Mickey ears for me. Mom talked me out of it because they were pretty expensive. Apparently somethings in Disney World haven't changed.

We had finished up with our long day at the park watching the fireworks and electrical parade down Main Street, USA and my parents made the dreaded announcement that it was time to leave. We took a one long last look at Cinderella's Castle and began the walk towards the parking lots. My brother Adam, a year older, kept looking back saying he didn't want to leave and wanted to live at the castle forever. I was more than happy to go back to our cousin's place in Kissimmee, FL and play with my toys.

Adam started crying because he truly was sad to leave the Magic Kingdom. Dad comforted him. Then Mom. And then my sister Sheryl. Everyone was hugging Adam in his time of need. And there was me. Standing there, alone with no one to comfort me. I mean I wasn't crying or anything but what about ME? I thought quickly. What to do? What to do?

I did the only thing I knew I could do well. I started crying on purpose to divert attention away from my older brother.

"I DON'T WANT TO LEAVE EITHER!!!!" I started wailing. Perfectly timed tears began streaming down my face. People around us all started staring at me. I thought for sure my mother could see right through my deception. But Mom, she came over, put her arm around me and said "It's OK. You'll be fine." But I think I caught her rolling her eyes. Hmmm,was there any sincerity in her voice? Or was Mom just playing me? Nevertheless, Mom rounded up the troops and we headed back to the car. My brother continued to eye me suspiciously...