Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Ten Second Memory: Hot Pockets

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After reading this you may say, somethings are better left forgotten. Well, I disagree because this 10 second memory always makes me laugh and shake my head in silliness.

The other day I was on the couch flipping through channels and a commercial came on for Hot Pockets microwave sandwiches. You know the ones, the end with the ever so catchy jingle "Hot Pocket!" I laughed as I immediately thought back to a Hot Pocket memory of my own.

It was back in 2005 or so when I had just began working at Montgomery County Domestic Relations as an enforcement officer. I had an addiction to eating Hot Pockets for lunch, couldn't get enough of them! I think I would buy 10 boxes at a time of the different varieties and make a box each day for lunch.

One Friday at work, I decided on a whim to have lunch with some coworkers and went out to dine instead of eating my usual Hot Pockets. As I was leaving work that day, I remembered the Hot Pockets were in the break room fridge  and made a beeline to grab them. I had them in my hand and someone distracted me. The Hot Pockets ended up being placed momentarily on top of the fridge.

Momentarily became all weekend when I discovered at home that I left them at the office. When I arrived back to work on Monday there they still were, sitting on top of a warm fridge. Now the top of a fridge normally gets warm due to the insulating system running inside. My Hot Pockets sat in their box slowly warming up all weekend long. Just sitting there, warming, every so slowly.

I grabbed the box, tossed it into the fridge and began my day. At lunch time I realized that I had come to work without lunch thinking I left those Hot Pockets in the fridge. But no, they were on TOP of the fridge!

So what did I do? Did I get a hoagie from Subway? Did I grab a sandwich at the local bodega on the corner? Nope! Much to my coworkers' collective horror, I zapped the Hot Pockets in the microwave and chowed down. They were still GOOD! My coworker Carla kept exclaiming, "MARC, don't eat them! You're gonna die! Marc, SERIOUSLY DON'T!!"

I still ate 'em.

I am here to tell you that I did not die. I didn't get sick, didn't feel nauseous, didn't even belch a blurp! I guess with all of the preservatives and sodium in processed foods, they just .... umm ... kept as is. LOL

So yes, you can very slowly heat up defrosted Hot Pockets over the weekend on the top of a warm refrigerator, eat them, and survive. Would you want to? Probably not. But I lived to tell and have added this to a long list of questionable items I've eaten.

Don't ever forget that jingle. "HOT POCKET!"


  1. Wow. My stomach gurgled just reading this. You are a stout man, Mr. Haynes.

    1. I am sure during our college days we ate some pretty questionable week-old pizza! LOL :)

  2. Since they are not biodegradeable..., chow down... That which does not kill you will make you stronger!