Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

What's In Your Medicine Cabinet ?

I have experience with medicine cabinets. I had a lovingly neurotic mother who had each medicine cabinet in our childhood home stuffed to the gills with various medicines and toiletries. We could've opened a CVS Pharmacy out of our home. Mom wasn't a hypochondriac. She just liked to be prepared for ANYTHING.

When I catered in Philly for upscale families way back in the early 90s, I used to go through my their medicine cabinets in their powder rooms just out of curiosity to see what they had. I know, I know, it was completely rude and an invasion of privacy. Move on. I got it.

I'd mostly find outdated various pills, scented soaps, old high end makeup and perfume. Pretty boring stuff. Every now and then I'd find something pretty interesting like the odd embarrassing cream or Rogaine which clearly wasn't working on the man of the house. I once found someone keeping their toenail clippings in a baby food jar. Now THAT was pretty gross.

Cool Wise Old Dude
I now booby trap my medicine cabinets for something to fall out if someone goes snooping when I have a large party. Nothing major, just a falling small box or two to scare the hell outta whomever is rummaging through my stuff. I had someone come up to me and say she was looking for aspirin and everything fell out. Sure you were only looking for aspirin ...

<<<<I also put up this crazy picture on the left of my brother Adam if case people go looking...

My Crazy Brother Adam
LOL, No not that one, this one >>>>

Lastly, I went to one of my friend's apartments in Philly and asked him if he had a Tylenol for my headache. He said to check the medicine cabinet. I found 6 various sized containers of different hair products which were 99% empty, a tube of toothpaste, deodorant, and 5 Q-tips. I opted for a refill on my cocktail instead.

Here are the basic items that I feel are essential to every medicine cabinet:

a good basic first aid kit which includes Band-aids, gauze, burn cream, etc.
witch hazel
rubbing alcohol
hydrogen peroxide
Caladryl lotion
anti-itch cream
antibiotic ointment
hair spray (for when your sister visits)
small scissors
nail clippers
cotton balls
allergy medicine like Benedryl
cough/cold medicine like Sudafed
pain reliever like Tylenol
a thermometer
nail polish remover (Guys, this is great for removing sticker adhesives, glue residue, or scuff marks on shoe soles.)

I know this is a pretty big list but you can get most of these items fairly cheap at a CVS or Rite-Aid by purchasing their generic versions. Having these items on hand keeps me less FRAZZLED!


  1. GUILTY!!!!.....of having enough to open a pharmancy!!! LOL I REMEMBER stumbling on Adam's photo! And always appreciate the hairspary. :- )))) Good story bro. Hugs, Big Sis

    1. Thanks Sis. :) We will collectively (lovingly) blame out mother. LOL

  2. I can see you doing this. Did you do this to me when we lived together? Haha - I'm gonna steal the booby trap idea because I have my suspicions...