Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Online Political Convo? I'll Pass...

As a regular blogger, I am attached by way of email or username to many popular social media websites. I use most of them to promote my blog. Some I just connect to as an observer. My good friend from college, Sharon posted a question on her Facebook page asking how many did we participate in and I was shocked when mine added up to more than 10!

In this day and age, if I want to develop an online presence and following, it is necessary to try and be involved promoting yourself through various social media websites. Some though, such as SoundCloud, I listen to for the music. I do most of my blog promotion on my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. With everything seemingly online, all of my sites are just a click away. If someone likes my taste in music, maybe they will check out my blog or my tweets and vice versa.

I tend to think of my overall online presence as rather vanilla though. I'll be the first to admit, I don't often get involved in controversial topics. If this were magazine format,, my blogs would probably do well in magazines like Good Housekeeping, Country Living, Life, Saturday Evening Post, Vanity Fair etc. Give me a good old-school variety mag with human interest pieces and I'm sure I would fit right in!

I find myself growing tired of witnessing horrible nasty drag-out fights on Facebook involving people who are family, friends and strangers arguing with one another to the point of embarrassment. I truly don't feel that posting political rants on Facebook creates an atmosphere for a good conversation and dialogue. You don't get anywhere. No one ever seems to change their opinion!

This is how it seemingly goes. Someone posts an inflammatory statement, religious or political. Invariably friends who are in support jump on the band wagon. You have that one brave individual who speaks up against the discussed position. He or she then gets slammed by long vitriolic tirades against them. Who wants to open themselves up to that? Who actively chooses to be cyber-bullied by nameless individuals or strangers? Sorry but I'm not a masochist.

It's so easy to hide behind your phone or computer. If you wanna have a meaningful conversation, try doing it offline. But honestly, I may not engage you there either. And guess what, texting does not work either! Points are misconstrued, people read other's comments incorrectly.

Let just say that I'll leave the arguments for the pundits. I don't have the time to engage in political discussions which probably won't effect me in the short term or when I know neither your opinion will change mine or vice versa. It's a waste of time going around in circles. You are probably thinking, well that's pretty judgmental, how do YOU know Marc Haynes? Well for starters, I see it directly on past posts on various individual's' pages. Not to mention that my time can be better spent in more meaningful ways with family, friends, and home. How much time do people spend arguing back and forth, posting stuff just to rile people up?

It is hard for me to think that any meaningful conversation can occur back and forth on certain social media websites. I liken it to you and I trying to have a thoughtful discussion in a stadium full of strangers. I make a comment, you make a comment. Then all of a sudden, some stranger comes rushing in and makes a rude comment biting my head off. I don't even know this person!!! Why would any sane individual want to subject themselves to that?

Now before you begin to feel that this post is about you, realize it can apply to about 40 or so people that I know online. But it may be about you... or not. Ha-Ha-Ha. And it's not just for my Republican friends, but also for my Democratic friends. No disrespect is meant but just how I see it. It annoys me when I see a political rant with 30+ comments going back and forth with everyone trying to "out insult" each other. More than likely I'll pass on by and keep swiping.

In conclusion, as a blogger, I know that I open myself up to criticism and comments. I accept that. But my blog is not controversial, it's pretty vanilla with some nuts and chocolate chips thrown in (what does that even mean? Ha-ha.). My time can be better spent commenting on the fun crazy stuff of this world like Kellyanne Conway's nutcracker outfit to the Inauguration. I'll let others have all of the nasty argumentative stuff. I've gots no time for that!

Listen, I've had 5 friends, middle aged to senior citizen, pass away in the last two months from various health issues. It gets very difficult seeing your friends pass away. I'd rather spend my time doing more meaningful interactions with family and friends than wasting time arguing online. You never know when your time may be up. My friends, how much time do you spend on ridiculous online arguments which go absolutely no where?


  1. Great read Marc. Now, this was about me wasn't it. Come on Marc, you can tell me. ROFLMFAO. I'm just kidding you Marc, it really was a good read and I can see your point in writing it.

  2. A long time ago, grasshopper, a wise man told me. When chatting with friends, never discuss religion or politics. I try to abide by that advice. Sometimes I forget that advice and get sucked in and sure as rain, I am the bad guy. So if you see me involved in one, please tap me on the head and remind me "RUN. GET OUT". Thanks. Jack Ross.

    1. Excellent comment. Thanks my friend. I'll do that when you are in regular conversations with certain Lodge people too. ๐Ÿ˜‰