Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Springtime in Lake Wynonah

I haven't written a post in awhile. Those that know me or have followed this blog know that this month is the toughest month of all. April 10th is the anniversary of my mother's passing and I still (and will always) take it very hard. This year was the 8th anniversary. It culminates on Mother's Day of course. I usually retreat to the warm closeness and safety of friends or family, remembering Mom in her best times. I know it's a sad tender time for me so I plan accordingly and try not to plan too much socially.

Some people wonder after 8 years why am I so sad still. With a wave of my hand I brush them aside. If you don't get it, then just move on. My grief from her death is just too exhausting to explain. It will always remain. I just learn how to process it and live life despite it. BUT ... I allow myself this month to get it all out emotionally until the next year.

Garter snake behind house
So back to springtime! My yard has seemed to attract every dandelion in Schuylkill County! After posting that they were the bane of my existence I heard from 2/3rd of you who agreed. The other 1/3 wanted to lop off my head like I wanted to lop off the dandelions adamantly stating I should leave them alone because they are the bee's first food. I get it! I get it! I still don't like dandelions though ... and mowed through them. BUT be happy dandelion lovers, they will most undoubtedly return.

Saw a great 2 1/2 foot long garter snake. Played with him for awhile. The little kid in me came out. Then I felt bad for harassing him and let him go on his way down to my neighbor Leah's house. LOL

I pruned back the butterfly bush, the rose bush, the holly bush, prickly sticker bush, the forsythias, the Japanese maple and then fell into the pin oak tree, breaking off a large branch in the process. I gained a little weight but honestly don't weigh that much. Ha ha! John was diplomatic and said don't worry, it made the view better. :)

Mama Robin's dual nests
A mama robin built a nest and is sitting on it just under the deck by the garage. She then built one right next to it. Subletting perhaps? She needs to fill out the proper paperwork with the property owner's association or otherwise we may be fined. LOL ;)

We had our regular four deer come through the yard a couple times. Haven't seen the hummingbirds yet but my neighbors across the lake have seen them. The bird feeders are still luckily a bevy of excitement. I was so stoked to see three cowbirds come in for a visit the other afternoon with their beautiful brown heads and black feathered bodies. The downy woodpecker is still coming by as well. Lots and lots of blue jays. Charlotte and I hung out on her back deck the other late afternoon and marveled at them flying back and forth between my house, hers, and Leah and Ron's place down the hill. We counted at least 15 separate jays flying about.

The elusive male towhee and one well fed squirrel 

Cardinal couples, mourning dove couples, chickadees, wrens, nut thatches and blue birds all abound. No more juncos though, I think my favorite winter bird has migrated off for the spring and summer. I thought I saw a male scarlet tanager at my feeder next to one of my two rotund squirrels. Turned out is was a male "towhee". Thanks to the Lake Wynonah birdman who corrected me online. I didn't even know that type of bird existed. LOL. Oh well. Chalk one up for the birdman. As I stated on the Facebook page, "Hey man, I'm just happy to be here!"

Two of the hostas
The hostas are coming in so full this year. Have planted some ivy and planted these flower bombs or rockets or whatever they are called. I bought them at Rite Aid for $1.00 a box. Ha ha, we'll see if they work out. I'll pick up some ferns, marigolds, and lavender to fill out the planters around the deck as well. Gonna plant a couple ornamental bushes in the larger urns in the back of the house. I usually plant herbs, tomatoes, and a variety of peppers. Think I'll just settle for the herbs this year and support the local farm stands for the other stuff.

Flower rockets, $1/box LOL

There's my annual garden ramble. I'll probably be sick of trying to keep up the yard by mid July and then be happily looking forward to my favorite season of all, the Fall. Except the raking. The only thing I hate more than mowing the lawn is the raking!


  1. Sounds like a beautiful yard. I was wondering when you were coming to trim your bushes. Nice post, pal!

  2. Keep pushing until the 19th!