Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Blues vs Depression

Just this past week, a young friend on Facebook was contemplating taking his own life. I had seen the post 2 hours after all of it started to go down. He had posted a "good-bye" message which had understandably freaked out and scared many people. His close friends began immediately reaching out to him. Luckily, and happily, his friends got in touch with his family and talked him out of it.

It was shocking and saddening but became heartwarming to see all of these people (most that I don't know) come together and work together to try and save this man and get him some emotional help. It worked, they contacted his family, and he is here today. Hopefully he is getting the emotional support he needs and deserves. Today, he started his day off with a message on Facebook:  "Good Morning." I liked it and thought to myself, Yes it is, because you are still with us today my friend!

Most people have difficult weeks here and there but no where near what this guy has been going through. Blue periods stem from insecurity, inadequacy and the fear of failure. One gets withdrawn and pulls into themselves. Those weeks, you begin questioning what you are doing and can become rather reclusive.

One still gets up and goes to work. Gotta pay the bills. You avoid people at work though. You wait to walk in so as to avoid contact. Go to lunch 5 minutes later, again just to avoid contact. But you get through it. And soon enough one gets through it and you are back to having good days.

But those with clinical, or major depression don't have many good days if at all. They hurt emotionally. It just isn't a blue period. It affects their mood, their sleep, their appetite. One may have significant weight loss, lose  interest in activities which they once loved, and have feelings of hopelessness and feelings of suicide. Learn to recognize the symptoms and signs in yourself as well as others.

My young friend had so many people who reached out to him. He acknowledged appreciatively how many people cared. Sometimes you just need those affirmations to get through it to the next day. But he may need more help than what people realize. And there is nothing wrong with that. Now I don't know his exact situation except for his public hurt. I am generalizing as I feel we need to be aware that there are people around us who are in emotional pain and need help.

As states, "treatment with counseling, medication, or both is a key to recovery." Recovery and treatment from clinical depression does not happen overnight. It may become a life-long commitment to dealing with it.

When I have blue periods, I know I'll get out of them. Usually it just takes cuddling from one of the cats, a beautiful drive, or something which makes me laugh. It may just be a bad day and tomorrow will be better.

Others may be having more than just a bad day. If you see someone who is struggling, don't blow it off. Maybe they do need just a little pep talk to lift their spirits but maybe it is something more and they need a more professional type of help. But in the meantime, a hug or kind and reassuring words do wonders.

Other numbers which may be helpful:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:   800-273-8255
Depression Hotline:  866-236-5127
National Hopeline Network:   800-SUICIDE

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  1. Great blog. could double as a PSA. Thanks for posting it and the sites where someone who is depressed can reach out for help.

  2. It is sad how we have more connections today through globalization and social media, yet we feel even more alone and distant. It's not easy. Great post, bro.