Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Saturday, August 11, 2018

From Porsche to Toyota

1988 Porsche 911 
1988 Porsche 924 GT

1988 Mazda Miata 

When I was younger, I used to dream of driving a Porsche 911 or a Porsche 924 GT. I ended up with a Nissan Sentra and went happily on my way. In college, I loved and wanted a Mazda Miata. I test drove one in 1989 with my fraternity brother Steve. It was like driving a bucket of bolts, felt every bump! But it was really fun to ride. I went home from college and still drove that Nissa Sentra. BUT I had those posters of the Porsches on my walls throughout college!

1987 Nissan Sentra 

Mom always LOVED the Honda's. She had an Accord for years and then when that died, got herself a brand new Civic. When she passed, she left the Civic to my sister Sheryl. Love that. πŸ’–

1987 Honda Accord 

I moved into Philly and didn't have a need for a car so I didn't get one until my late 20s. I've since owned mostly economical vehicles for work: a Ford Escort, a Saturn station wagon, a small Toyota Tacoma, and now a Toyota Camry.

My 2006 Camry, still going! :)
I've had the Camry for years. It's a 2006. I love her. She still has pep but is getting up there in years. I recognize how lucky I am to keep driving her. I am coming up on 300,000 miles. I just wanna keep her running. I don't push her so much any more. I am cognizant of taking her above 70 MPH. It's funny how you refer to cars as "her" or "she". For me, it was never anything other than admiration for my Camry. I don't consider it sexist, maybe just a fond tradition. PLEASE don't get all PC on me! :)

Now is the time I have to start saving that $100.00 a month towards a future vehicle. I need to be honest with myself. It's gonna happen one day. She's gonna run her last ride. Repairs are still few and far between but I just found out that she will need a new converter pipe. UGH. Luckily, it can be held off for a month or two.

2018 Toyota Camry
I just love the expenses that come with owning cars! So I am looking at a several hundred dollar repair on a vehicle with a trade in value of $1300-$1700. Weighing the options is tough. I have not had a car payment in YEARS. And no major car repairs in that time as well. I'll still keep and work with her.

When I look for a new vehicle, I really wanna look for something I want. I'm 48 and have never bought a vehicle on what I wanted in terms of style. I have picked ones which were economical. I mean, sure... I'm not gonna be dopey and still take gas mileage and commuting into account as factors. But honestly and truly, I want to buy one in which I say, I've ALWAYS wanted that car!

2018 Toyota Tacoma 
So who knows. I may surprise y'all and get that Porsche. LOL Um nope. I love the Camry and may upgrade to a 2018 in red. Or maybe even go back to the Tacoma. I loved that truck. It'll suck up the gas though! It's about a 10-15 MPH gas difference.

I also go back and forth about a 4WD or AWD vs 2WD. Living in Skook County, ya really need something for the winter snow to get around. I may settle on that Tacoma just yet!

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