Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Different Clothes, Different Times

90s Marc in my favorite club shirt (With Ritz-Carlton besties Grant and Serena)

Do others mourn the loss of a favorite piece of clothing? That favorite shirt gets bleached and we have to toss it. A favorite sweater gets an unmanageable pull and it can't be salvaged. That pair of sneaks which are so old and worn, they may walk away themselves. Or sometimes it's as simple as a favorite shirt getting washed so many times it has shrunk down to where it no longer fits. (Um meee and ma belly! LOL)

I had to "retire" a favorite shirt a couple weeks back. I did so with a bit of sadness as I have enjoyed wearing it these last couple years at work. I tend to favor blues in some form or another. It has sort of become a signature color for me. This one lasted way longer than it should have. It "served me well" you could say. The picture to the below right is it's replacement "blue shirt."

I still have a another fav blue shirt from way back in my Philly days. It's a dark blue button down from H&M clothing store and let's say it's ... WOW almost 20 years old! It is actually in pretty good shape. Some clothing designers are such classic looks that you can getaway with mixing older pieces into your current wardrobe.

The late 70s Glassboro State windbreaker!

In my Favorite Color! (9/2018)
I have a large yellow windbreaker from Glassboro State College which was my Mom's from the late 70s. It's that nylon material which is pretty indestructible, perfect for the Fall or Spring. I also have a t-shirt from my Phi Kappa Psi fraternity college days harkening back to the late 80s. Great stuff. I wore the t-shirt to a fraternity reunion this past May. Still fits, although the Dad-bod beer belly is starting to show prominently. ๐Ÿ˜Š 

From my clubbing days in the 90s I have this polyester skin tight grey shirt as well as a retro flashy bright blue one. They barely fit me these days but still bring me back to great memories ... those that I actually remember from my Roaring 20s! Fun times. I laugh thinking that I actually fit into and wore that stuff out and about.

I have an authentic vintage 60s dark blue Navy pea-coat which I wore for years. I still say it's the warmest winter coast I've ever worn which doesn't make me feel like a bloated snowman! The pockets do need to be sewn. I've been meaning to sew them for a good year now. Whelp, LOL, since last season! I think I'll finally do that before it gets too cold. I love that coat.

I used to have these baggy JNCO brand skateboard jeans I used to wear circa '96 or '97. I don't know what I was thinking. I imagine I looked quite ridiculous but they were in style for the clubs for a bit.

With my great Fraternity bros in my vintage '88 Phi Psi t-shirt! (5/2018)
Then again, I rocked the Z. Cavaricci's in the late 80s too! I had 6 pairs in different olors. Now those jeans were quite the investment. I spent all my hard earned cash on them at the local men's stores Oaktree and Chess King at the Deptford Mall. I remember spending $75/pair back then which comes to $160/pair in today's money! ( WOW. No wonder my Mom would freak out when I came home with a pair. I even had a Z. Cavaricci suit I wore to a fraternity formal. Hey baby, I was in style! My sister and I also always shopped at the trendy Canadian store Le Chateau. I was obsessed over their ties. Places like that were good for trendy items but not to much for the classics. I then moved onto Banana Republic and Kenneth Cole  (when I could afford them). H&M also became the clothing store of choice for me later in my Philly days.

I will say though that some clothes are worth keeping and get better the longer you wear them. Think about that comfortable holy sweatshirt or that frayed bathrobe. Some people hold onto pairs of Chuck Taylors until the end of the earth! I like a great pair of jeans which has been worn so long the cotton gets softer and just hugs your body. Talk about comfortable.  I wish I still had a pair of those Z. Cavaricci's though just to see if I could fit in 'em.

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