Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Stuff in my Car

Stuff just in the center armrest compartment! 

I have had a bad habit in the past of leaving my spare cell phone charger in my car. After I get home from work I usually try to grab it and put it in my messenger bag to be used later in the evening either in the family room or kitchen. I usually try to do this but this didn't happen the other day.

John had asked to borrow the spare charger as he misplaced his two chargers. I was amiss as to where it was. It wasn't in the house so I figured I must've left it in the car on the front seat. Or perhaps it fell between them. I did remember grabbing it on the way out of office.

Now my main turbo charger is plugged in behind my nightstand by the bed. It's just annoyingly difficult to reach if I need it so I usually keep it plugged in and use it at night. And there was no way I was giving up my turbo charger for him.

I did offer to go out to the car and look for the spare charger. I guess John could've plugged in his phone on my nightstand for a bit. My brain didn't get that far. LOL 😊

My best gal, my Camry
The charger was not in the car! UGH. I checked between the seats, under the seats, in the back seat, in the center armrest, in the glove compartment and even in the trunk. NOTHING. I was getting annoyed. But then I realized something, I had a lot of random crap, useless crap, and car-related crap in my car. So I forgot about the charger and began just looking and cataloging everything in my car. The list below is the result of that search. And like my usual frazzled life, it is in no particular order.

Now I insist that my car is not dirty, except for the chicken nugget, pretzels and carrot found below the seat. I just have a lot of stuff in it!


Sunglasses which I fit over my regular glasses while driving towards the morning sun and then I look like a complete dork
Wrap around sunglasses which I forget I have but when I wear them, I look like I'm 70.
Hand grip exerciser in the driver's side door pocket
A ball of tin foil
$1.17 in loose change found in both door pockets, in the glove compartment, in the seats and under the drivers seat.
An expired AAA card
A lotto ticket for a free ticket
Several non-winning lotto tickets
Several pens and one disassembled pen. Two of the five pens do not write.
2006 Toyota Camry guide
Extra car bulbs and an expired drivers license
A half dozen store extra value cards
An LA baseball cap in the trunk. I was mocked by my family members because they said no one buys an LA baseball cap when in LA. LOL Probably right.
An old stained and bleached Yuengling Lager beer baseball cap
An Elmer Fudd orange fur hunting cap (in case the case breaks down in the winter)
2 sets gloves
1 set light gloves black
1 set light gloves red
4 sets of emergency reflectors
First aid kit
Cough drops
Reusable grocery bags to save the Earth
3 oil funnels
One moustache-patterned cloth trash bag
1 Gautelmalan worry doll named Consuela
Portable tire inflater
Tire repair goo in a can (which I don't think works)
Various cds: Madonna, 70s disco, 70s rock, Fleetwood Mac, Frank Sinatra
Snow tracks if I get stuck in the snow
Snow shovel if I have to dig my way out
2 windshield covers
Windshield cleaner (as seen on TV)
A can of windshield ice defroster, 2 cans
Keyhole defroster (does a lot of good for me keeping it INSIDE the car)
Tissues, 2 boxes
Chinese-made buck knife
A cross for protection
A Mezzuzah for protection
A car Buddha for protection
Chewing gum, Orbitz
Fresh naps
Old maps
Food menus and a couple aren't even open anymore. For a while I was putting the menus on my friend Jack Ross's windshield to jokingly drive him crazy.
A seashell which was my Mom's
Old hotel lotion
A book of matches from the Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood
A chicken nugget
Some pretzels
A baby carrot
2 pairs of scissors
20 ft of rope
Several bungee cords
Books and DVDs I have meant to donate 4 months ago
One dead flashlight
Windshield tool which will smash the windshield
1 burgundy umbrella
Old cell phone charges I won't use anymore because they don't even fit my new phone. I chucked 'em.
Blue shop towels
Regular paper towels
Emergency blanket (the spacey looking one, like you are covering yourself in a huge piece of tinfoil)
An electric portable tire inflator
A can of Fix-a-Flat Tire Inflator
Various Dunkin Donut, bank, and gas receipts
A hammer and a small screwdriver set
Two writing pads and more pens
USB adapters
One good Jabra hands free device
2 old Jabra hands free devices. I chucked 'em too.
car mats

Oh and by the way, after ALL OF THAT, my spare cell phone charger was NOT in my car. It was in the side pocket of my messenger bag the entire time.