Me, Sher, and Ad

Me, Sher, and Ad
Bro Adam and sis Sher, my rocks!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Stuff I Learned Cabin Camping

Worlds End State Park    


This weekend, I will be going up to Sullivan County Pennsylvania to look at a cabin for sale with the Big Ragu. For the past 10+ years, we've traveled up there a couple times of year to Worlds End State Park to go hiking and chill. Usually we go over Thanksgiving. We figured let's start looking for a cabin in the mountains so we have someplace permanently to unwind over the weekends.

Nothing set in stone yet, just starting to look. Depends on finances, the perfect cabin, location, etc. If we aren't gonna make a major move somewhere else, we'd like to invest in a small place to go to whenever the urge hits.

Over this past Thanksgiving, the Big Ragu and I stayed up at Worlds End State Park for the long holiday weekend. We rent a rustic cabin and usually put on a smoked turkey for the holiday. It's been the 8th or 9th year we've been doing it. Lotsa fun. It also really relaxes you just to get away. I love getting back to the peace and serenity of nature.

During one of my down times, I thought about things I've learned on previous camping trips. I recorded a podcast about it but wanted to do the blog version as well. Here they are in no particular order. Just some rustic nuggets of wisdom:
  1. Always wear flip flops in the camp shower. You never know what that slime is.
  2. You will either be constipated or have the runs. Pepto is your friend.
  3. Duct tape works wonders with minor cuts and can help take out splinters.
  4. Cleanliness becomes very subjective in terms of the body, dishes, bed linen, etc.
  5. You get used to your own funk. I’ve gone 3 days before without showering. But 3 days is long enough for me. Don’t be surprised if you need to air out the sleeping back!
  6. Handy wipes work wonders and can keep down da funk.
  7. Knives and dishes can be cleaned with hand sanitizer in a pinch.
  8. You do things you normally wouldn’t do like just wipe off utensils so there’s no visible dirt or leftover food.
  9. Fingers and tissues work as a good substitute for Q-tips
  10. Any spice goes a long way with camp food. Hot sauce becomes a staple.
  11. Having a mouse in the cabin becomes an acceptable fact. Seal up the food!
  12. One of the greatest experiences is just staring and becoming mezmorized by the campfire or fire in the wood stove. It's just so beautiful and hypnotic. 
  13. There is a bonafide art to making a good fire. After 10 years, I've mastered it. 
  14. Alcohol is not allowed in the state park system. OK? (wink wink)
  15. My favorite thing to do: bourbon by the fire, toasted marshmallows, and cigars!
  16. The stars never looked so crisp and bright in the late fall moonlight and sometimes you don’t even need the flashlights, only the moonlight to guide you. Another hypnotic thing about camping. :) 
  17. A puffy jacket makes a good second pillow. So does heavy sweat shirts and pants.
  18. Waking up in the morning in the extreme cold is the most hated part. Which to do first? Coffee or fire ... or pee?
  19. Peeing at 3 am in the woods in not fun. If you have to do more, you hold it.
  20. If you pee at 3 am, things shrink. LOL 
  21. A skunk can be easily mistaken for a black and white cat in the middle of the night.
  22. You don’t mind the occasional mouse, the chipmunks or squirrels. You may even name them. You still mind the skunks though.
  23. I love smelling the camp fire smell on my clothes or jackets a week after camping.
  24. Water will freeze in the cabin after the fire goes out. I woke up this fall to a frozen water bottle. 
Anything else I missed?
LOL This was fun to write. I love my camping and of course cabin camping which is a step up, but still can be rustic. Remember this list and you may not be so surprised. But I will say a skunk or even a mouse still surprises me!!!

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